“Hymns of Devotion” is a collection of new hymns written by Jonathan Landry Cruse.  The project was several years in the making, and was birthed out of Cruse’s love for all things hymnody.  In his college years in Philadelphia, Cruse began to explore writing hymn texts.  What began as a simple hobby soon turned into a passionate project.  Under the mentorship of Paul S. Jones, former music director of historic Tenth Presbyterian Church, Cruse refined his craft and pursued it more earnestly.  Since his first text in 2012, he has written over 20 hymns.  Many have been set to beautiful new tunes with the aforementioned Dr. Jones, as well as composers Evelyn R. Larter and Jeremy L. Strong.  Additionally, Cruse will often set his new words to older and more familiar tunes.  These hymns have been sung around the world, in denominations ranging from Independent to Baptist to Presbyterian and Reformed.  

“Devotion” means consecration, love, and loyalty.  This is the posture we should take as we come to God in worship.  We are giving ourselves over to Him—literally devoting ourselves to Him.  Indeed, when we worship we are forsaking all others and declaring that Christ has the first place in our hearts.  That is what makes the title appropriate, and hopefully it will be used for just that reason—whether privately or corporately.  “Hymns of Devotion” is not a final, set collection.  By God’s grace it will continue to grow throughout the years and aid many in their worship of the Triune God.

Pastor Cruse is a native of Central Pennsylvania, where he grew up in home that loved sports, movies, and Reformed theology. He attended Temple University in Philadelphia where he studied film for a time before graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies and English. Shortly after graduation, he married his lovely wife, Kerri Ann, and the two immediately headed for San Diego for Jonathan to earn his Masters of Divinity from Westminster Seminary California. They are now enjoying life in Kalamazoo, Michigan where Jonathan was ordained as the pastor of Community Presbyterian Church (OPC) in 2017.